Our Honeymoon

Welcome to our travel blog. This is the first post of what we will strive to maintain as a weekly blog. The name of the blog is "Eyes of the World." In early November of 2016, Hannah and I kicked around the idea of taking a year away from San Francisco, where we consider home, to go on a grand adventure to explore the world, other cultures, experience mother nature’s most amazing features, and explore our own selves in the process. After some initial research and while planning our own wedding, we realized that there was no reason that this dream could not become a reality. We've both been working very hard in our careers for the last 5 years, and thought to ourselves why not get married and take some time for ourselves?! As Phish would say, "can't this wait 'til I'm old, can't I live while I'm young?" We know we'll have plenty of time to work on our careers and spend with family and friends in our thirties and the rest of our lives, for that matter. This gap-year, honeymoon workation is calling our name and we must follow. We plan to return back to the Bay when it’s all said and done, but for now our journey is a "one-way" trip.

After all, not all who wander are lost.

This is all being made up and figured out as we go. For that reason, we decided not to purchase any "round-the-world" plane packages. We want to allow for as much flexibility as possible because you never know when some beautiful land comes calling your name and pushes you to call an audible in your travel plans. However, there are some things that we do know and have planned so far. On a very top level basis, we have a tentative 11-month itinerary planned out. A lot of friends and family have asked us when and where we'll be in certain places in hopes of joining us for certain segments, so below is a listing of our tentative locations and dates. We welcome all visitors along the way! This is subject to change:

So far, we have flights purchased up to Bali. We depart for Auckland, New Zealand two weeks from today on December 5th, 2017. In Auckland, we will pickup our Hugo campervan, which we will call home for the next 35 days. We will be following an itinerary we found from another travel blog that nails just about every attraction and location we'd want to experience ourselves with only 35 days to spare on the two islands. Then we will head to Melbourne, Australia where we'll upgrade our home on wheels to an Apollo Vivid campervan where we'll travel the land down under for the next 30 days before meeting Hannah's parents for a week in Sydney, AU. The four of us will then start into SE Asia together, beginning in Bali. While Hannah's parents traverse our route to New Zealand, the two of us will take our time through the next six months backpacking through Southeast Asia. This is where our plans are still pretty loose. Ultimately, our goal is to visit more of South Asia, South Africa, and South America before making it back to the States.

So you might be wondering how we are making this work. Well it's not that complicated, and that's the first mental hack to overcome. Firstly, we've obviously saved some money through out the last year to build a good start-out fund. Next, we both quit our 9-5 jobs BUT we will both continue to work on a part-time, remote basis. Hannah will retain her role at JustAnswer, LLC and Casey will continue to grow his start-up accounting & consulting firm, Frezza Haynes LLP, and side hustle at Streamline Bookkeeping. As long as we have internet and a laptop, we are both able to generate income to sustain our travels. For this reason, we've both switched to an unlimited international mobile plan with T-Mobile that will keep us connected during our travels. We will find temporary offices and sources of wifi where we can along the way. We've spent the last month ingesting miscellaneous vaccines and being poked with needles of different immunizations. We will protect ourselves with a good travel insurance plan. Lastly, we have packed up our lovely one bedroom apartment and moved all our belongings into storage. Before leaving, we'll be driving to Denver to drop our car off in a friend's garage until we return. That about sums it all up! Pretty simple, right?

Right now, we are both in Cocoa Beach, Florida where we are spending Thanksgiving with the Gordons, Hannah's family. It's all becoming very real and palpable. We can't wait to embark on this journey together and to continue to share our story with all of you. Check in weekly to stay caught up with our adventure and to view photos and videos taken along the way!

Remember, even with all its madness, we love you, America!


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